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Tiffany Hills Animal Hospital is a 4400-square foot state-of-the-art facility, which has two entrances and lobby areas, one for feline patients and the other for canines. The clinic has three exam rooms, one for cats, one for small dogs, and one for large breed canines, which is equipped with a quiet hydraulic table to lift them to a comfortable height for examination.

The facility has a high-tech laboratory, pharmacy, digital radiograph system, as well as recovery, ICU and isolation areas. The surgery suite has a heated surgery table, anesthetic monitors (EKG and pulse oximeter), central oxygen and waste gas recovery systems.

In addition, Dr. Fortney is ecologically conscientious and has chosen to conserve heating and cooling costs by 75 percent with use of a geothermal heat pump system in combination with 18” of insulation (R60) in the attic, six inch walls with foam insulation (R30) and a reduction of lighting by 50 percent. A backup generator system is in place should a power outage occur.

Dr. Fortney's philosophy: “I want the business to flow without interruption for the well-being of a patient under my care. This facility is an opportunity to raise my standard of care, so my patients can live a long and healthy life.”